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Southern students stand out


Ashley Chin

Staff Writer

For senior art major Chad A. Carino, the art in passionately capturing an image begins with a paint brush. Carino, who displayed some of his art during a show this past Thursday, has had a passion for painting since childhood.

Carino said when he was 6-years-old, he used to love to paint even though he was terrible at it and would simply make a mess. In painting and art in general, Carino said he has found a deep meaning of life.

“It allows you to pretty much explore every aspect of humanity, including every skill that’s possible,” said Carino. “Pretty much the entire state of human emotion and experience”

According to Carino, Bansy and Picaso are artists that have inspired him.

“Anytime I discover any artist, if the work speaks to me then I explore it,” said Carino.

Carino said he feels the art faculty is one of the most dedicated and supportive departments on campus and that he has learned a lot. After graduation, Carino said that he would love to move to New York and possibly teach.

David Boskello, a senior music theory major, does not grip a paint brush to create a work of art. He’s been playing the trumpet for many years.

“I knew I wanted to do it in fifth grade because that’s when they typically do it, it’s like fifth graders only, I guess,” said Boskello, “and so I started in the beginning of that summer before fifth grade to kinda get my barrings, and get into school with some kind of idea of what I was doing.”

Students like Carino and Boskello are both passionate about the arts and excel in their chosen areas. Each one has spent their time at Southern following their dreams rather than sticking to the basic cirriculum.

Boskello was recently in a Latin Ensembles concert about two weeks ago, and he did a solo concert last semester. Last semester he gathered a few other musicians together and they played a 10-song concert. All the proceeds went to the music department, he said.

Ironically, he was originally a physical education major when he first came to Southern.

“Music saved me,” said Boskello. “Basically I came to Southern thinking that I was going to be a phys. ed. major and that I was going to get out of college and start student teaching somewhere and being a gym teacher,” said Boskello.

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