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ProCon works Wednesdays


Ryan Morgan

General Assignment Reporter

The Southern community has a new program to look forward to on many Wednesdays this fall, thanks to Programs Council. ProCon is hosting a variety of events designed to provide simple fun on campus during the day between classes. Last Wednesday, Sept. 8, marked the first of 10 events with free ice cream that people lined up for.

“It’s definitely not just about ice cream,” said Jackie Ajello, co-chair of ProCon’s Entertainment Committee.

“The point is to have fun during community hour whether you’re a commuter or a resident. It’s not just geared for one demographic.”

Dimitri Cotman, a freshman psychology major,said he enjoyed the ice cream social.

“Coming to things like this is good because you meet a lot of people,” said Cotman. “Meeting people is always a good thing because you can find something to get involved with.”

According to Ajello, ProCon’s tentative schedule stretches throughout the semester. “What’s on Wednesdays” will feature fun, simple events and some collaboration with outside vendors. In addition, ProCon is teaming up with DARC to provide mocktails on Sept 22. On Oct. 13 there will be tie dye, and possibly an O2 bar on Oct. 20.

“An O2 bar has different stations where you can pick oxygen hoses that are different flavors. It’s supposed to relax you,” said Ajello.

Other events include a candy-making day on Oct. 27, right before Halloween, a visit from Brio Hair Academy on Nov. 3, caricatures on Nov. 17, hot chocolate on Dec. 1, and a study break session on Dec. 15.

“We brainstormed over the summer,” said Ajello. “Dawn [Stanton-Holmes, assistant director of Student Life and advisor to ProCon] threw the idea out at us and we loved it. We’re trying to make events friendly for commuters. We have so many events at night they can’t come to, so by having these Wednesday afternoon events everyone can be included.”

Alyse Selmont, a junior business administration major, also attended the ice cream social and said she is a fan of all ProCon does on campus.

“They’re very friendly and outgoing,” said Selmont. “They do so much to better Southern’s campus and really make an effort. They deserve recognition for what they do.”

ProCon wants to be recognized on campus; they want students to see the W.O.W. logo, designed by Ajello’s co-chair, sophomore Nick Gleifert, and know that an exciting event is taking place.

“We’re going to try to get around a list of events and then do most of the promotion during the week of an event. We want people to talk about it and get the word out.”

So far, “What’s On Wednesdays” has proven to be a success. Lines were long as students waited outside the Student Center for a free bowl of ice cream.

“It’s good for residents and commuters, but especially commuters who don’t always get a lot of experience on campus,” said Selmont. “It’s so beneficial to develop more friends and network instead of just going to class. Plus this is a nice way to relieve stress as well.”

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