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A love story that’s worth remembering


Kaitlin O’Brien

Staff Writer

If you want to see Robert Pattinson play something other than a vampire and do it well, “Remember Me” is the epic love story that will change the way you think of this vampire. Pattinson plays Tyler, who is a rebellious student attending New York University and trying to find himself. He has an extremely strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) after tragedy struck their family.

After his family faces this unbearing tragedy, he finds one girl that may be able to understand him and could potentially understand what he has gone through in life. He meets Ally, played by Emilie de Ravin. While he wasn’t looking for love, that is exactly what he finds.

From the very intimate love scene in the shower to talking about their lives, “Remember Me” shows the importance of love and how to overcome obstacles.

As hidden secrets are revealed from Tyler’s past, he slowly realizes that he must treat every day as if it was his last. What brought Tyler and Ally together slowly threatened to tear them apart, but the bond of love and forgiveness will be what keeps them together.

Tyler’s younger sister Caroline, played by Ruby Jerins, shows the importance of a relationship between a little sister and her older brother. Tyler’s love for his little sister is prominent throughout the whole movie and
Tyler lends such a shoulder to his little sister after tragedy struck their family when Caroline was 5 years old.

His compelling and compassionate love for his sister is really shown after his father neglects to come to Caroline’s art show causing Tyler to have an outburst in his father’s office.

This sentimental movie was more just than just your typical love story. It was an extremely powerful movie and the ending is one that will leave you absolutely speechless when you leave the theater. Pattinson plays a very different character than we are used to, which makes it that much more interesting to see. The events leading up to the ending ask viewers to never take life for granted and realize that any day may be your last.

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