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Mila Nishball recalls her unforgettable Holocaust experience

Taylor Nicole Richards – News Writer During World War II, approximately six million Jews were killed. To put that number into perspective, the population of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine combined is a little over 6 million. These people were murdered because they were considered, by the Nazis, to be racially inferior subhumans. May 4 is the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and

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New Haven Museum hosts “An Artist at War” exhibit

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The exhibit in the rotunda of the New Haven Museum was decorated with images of the past.  In the circular room World War II propaganda and detailed portraits hung alongside each other.  A photograph in particular depicted US soldiers Deane Keller of New Haven standing alongside companion Charlie Bernholz with the statue of David

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Witch Bayonetta is back for round two in Bayonetta 2

Max Deville – Special to the Southern News  Fight and lay waste to the hordes of heaven and infernal legions of hell with wicked witchcraft as the stylish, gun slinging, and cat-suit wearing witch Bayonetta is back for round two in Nintendo’s latest WIIU release: Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 starts off in true style: players begins as one of two ancient

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