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Donald Trump’s affect on rape culture

Melissa Nunez – Opinions and Features Editor As of Jan. 20, Donald Trump, a New York billionaire, assumed responsibility as the 45th president of the United States. But Trump was renowned long before his descent into the 2016 presidential race. From his days as a host on The Apprentice, hearing Trump’s name became synonymous with his, “you’re fired,” catchphrase. Not

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‘It’s On Us’ Event: teaching students how to prevent violence

Taylor Nicole Richards – News Writer April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and to kick it off, the Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy Support Center (VPAS) held an event called “It’s On Us” in the bottom floor of the Adanti Student Center. The gathering was meant to educate students on the bystander effect, by using a different approach than just lectures. There was

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