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Veterans visit SCSU for Veterans’ Day Ceremony

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  Veterans both alumni and current students of Southern Connecticut State University stood up in turns, each dressed in their unique uniform that signified their branch of military. Though the veterans were dressed in their best uniforms they were not exchanging formalities, but instead reading letters 6th graders wrote from Shepard School in Hamden and

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Veterans’ Association seeks to unite SCSU veterans on campus

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  It’s like having a job, but you never get to go home and it’s not an eight hour thing, said Hendrik Sorensen, senior accounting major and treasurer for the Veterans’ Association on campus. Veterans’ Day means something different to each veteran, but it is ultimately an opportunity for people who served together to connect

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Remembering safety and not politics on Veteran’s Day

Michelle Hennessy – News Writer More and more veterans are choosing college after the military with SCSU now having 350 veterans attending the university, according to Jack Mordente, coordinator of veterans and military affairs on campus. “85% of Vets are over 24 and in college,” said Mordente. “Veterans make good students, they’re flexible, self-directed, team leaders and 75 percent have a

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