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Senator Murphy visits to discuss the cost of higher education

Josh LaBella – News Writer Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy visited campus last Friday to discuss the cost of higher education. The Sept. 1 meeting took place in the Engleman Hall administration wing and had about two dozen students along with some faculty members and press attend. “I want to hear people’s stories,” said Murphy. “I want to hear people’s stories

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Snowstorm changes students’ spring break plans

Courtney Luciana – Special to the Southern News Most students view spring break as an ideal time to go on vacation, particularly somewhere tropical, but this past week’s snowstorm only made break even more relaxing, said Domi Migilarese. The painting major and psych major spent her final spring break at SCSU applying to grad schools. “I finally had the time to finish applying

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New scholarship program eases application process

Alex Palmieri – News Writer The scholarship foundation program can help students get money that are in need, Heather Rowe said. “The foundation has over 350 scholarships,” said Rowe, business manager at SCSU. “January 5, we launched a new online software that takes all the scholarships together.” A student can go into the portal and apply to an online application.

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CSU campuses experience hiring freeze

Alex Palmieri – General Assignment Reporter Yet another halt for Connecticut State Schools and Universities as a hiring freeze has come into effect for 17 campuses across the state. This is due to the budget falling short and other financial issues that are happening within the state. The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, that has four CSUs, 12 community colleges, along

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