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New psychology course to focus on stereotyping and prejudice

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter The topics of stereotyping, prejudice and profiling pepper newspapers and newscasts every day. But what does it mean to stereotype? What is prejudice? Professor Jessica Suckle-Nelson strives to answer these questions amongst others in her new Psychology course being offered this semester. The course, “Social Psychology of Stereotypes and Prejudice,” addresses the prevalence of stereotyping and

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Why muslims are victims of attacks

Protesters climbed statues in France after staff members at Charlie Hebdo were shot and killed in January 2015. Photo Credit: Sémaphorismes Sandra Gomez Aceves – Special to the Southern News  Following the terrorist attack against the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, attacks against Muslims in France grew. Charlie Hebdo publishes religious and political leaders in cartoon form in a way that is

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