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Netflix original feature ‘Tall Girl’ provides tall list of shortcomings

Review by Nina Bartlomiejczyk — Copy Editor “Tall Girl” is a new movie on Netflix detailing a bullied and diffident high school girl, Jodi Kreyman, played by Ava Michelle, who towers over the heads of her classmates at 6 feet 1 inch tall, developing into a confident and independent young woman. Unfortunately, this movie does not do justice for the

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Daring JPEGMAFIA album pays off

Jackson Volenec — Reporter Despite JPEGMAFIA’s long career making music, with some projects dating back to 2007, his most recent record, “Veteran” that came out last year, put him on the map. “Veteran” had large success in the underground hip-hop scene and the Internet, with many praising it as one of their favorite albums of 2018. It’s It is not

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NBA 2K20 disappoints again with stale gameplay

Max Vadakin — Copy Editor Earlier this month, 2K Sports released “NBA 2K20,” continuing its yearly routine of distributing the next edition of inadequate and disappointing gameplay. Even the watershed addition of WNBA teams and modes added into the game could not save NBA 2K20 from appearing stale and repetitive. For the past few years, NBA 2K games have been

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Reasons why there should be more ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’

Matt Johnson – Special to the Southern News It has become almost impossible to scroll through Twitter without reading about Netflix’s new hit show, “13 Reasons Why.” The show has received a 90 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes and has been captivating audiences ever since all 13 episodes became available for streaming. The story, adapted from Jay Asher’s novel,

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Ariel Pink’s “pom pom” is beautiful weirdo-pop

Ariel Pink at Rotown in 2011 Photo Credit: Marcel van Leeuwen Xavier Lassiter – Arts & Entertainment Editor  Weirdoes write the best pop music. John Lennon wrote songs about walruses while tripping through at least three different dimensions, the apex man-child Michael Jackson wrote songs about being a badass dude while being lovingly effeminate, Kurt Cobain found the time to write

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