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The Color of Fear: A conversation on racism

Ellie Sherry — Reporter As a university that strives for social justice, Southern has multiple events throughout the semester to talk about difficult topics. At the event “The Color of Fear” the conversation was based around issues of race. “The Color of Fear” is a film that was released in the early 90s by LeeMun Wah. According to Dr. Laurie

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White Privilege Response: a real matter not “figment of imagination”

Jene Thomas – News Editor  Race is such a controversial talking point because everyone is going to have a different perspective on it. While some claim racism is over and done with, others will argue the complete opposite. Some will argue white privilege is a form of institutionalized racism, because the very building blocks for which society was created was formed by

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Professor leads discussion about his book ‘Fear and What Follows’ and his racist past

Xavier Lassiter – Arts and Entertainment Editor  He looked out into the crowded Lyman Center Theater—his smiley, cheerful demeanor changed. “I’m not going to say it tonight,” he said. “I’ve gotten to the point where even just reading it feels really toxic.” Tim Parrish, author and English professor at SCSU, refused to read the word nigger from his book at

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Students gather for peaceful protest following jury’s decision in Ferguson

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  NEW HAVEN- The monotonous silence of a Monday night was broken this week.  A crowd of student voices chanted, starting as an echo before becoming so loud that everyone heard the message, “Hands up; don’t shoot.” Two hours after the announcement of the jury’s decision not to indict police office Darren Wilson for the

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