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Southern and the Women’s March

Adrianna Rochester – General Assignment Reporter The turn out for the presidential elections caused many Americans to rally together after it became clear the unity President Obama brought to the country during his presidency vanished after the climate of the presidential campaign revealed deep division between the American peoples. In reaction to Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the

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Student’s take on Trump protests

Jeniece Roman – General Assignment Reporter President-elect Donald J. Trump is something many thought they would never happen, but on Nov. 8 it, rang true. Since Trump was announced as the next president of the United States, anti-Trump protests broke out in multiple cities including Manhattan, Chicago, and New Haven, consisting of thousand of people nation-wide chanting, “Trump is not

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Chartwells employees protest university’s push to hire students, lay off current staff

Chartwells employees spoke to the media Tuesday about the university’s decision to increase student workers, while laying off current employees. Photo Credit: Anisa Jibrell Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter A group of Southern food-service workers marched with picket signs down to the President Papazian’s office chanting, “Phase in,” in hopes of persuading the university from deciding on a food

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Students protest CSU tuition hikes

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The student government, in collaboration with SCSU faculty and staff, rallied on March 25 against the proposed 4.8 percent tuition increase. In front of the Adanti Student Center, students held up signs bearing slogans against the tuition raise. “Your budget cuts are cutting from our future!” was written across one of the banners held by

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