Today: Jul 12, 2024



Students protest CSU tuition hikes

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The student government, in collaboration with SCSU faculty and staff, rallied on March 25 against the proposed 4.8 percent tuition increase. In front of the Adanti Student

Students rally against new Trump policies

Dylan Haviland – Managing Editor Haroon Chaudhry, the president of the Muslim Student Association, with a sign in hand, conversed with his peers in front of Buley Library as students and faculty

Southern and the Women’s March

Adrianna Rochester – General Assignment Reporter The turn out for the presidential elections caused many Americans to rally together after it became clear the unity President Obama brought to the country during

Student’s take on Trump protests

Jeniece Roman – General Assignment Reporter President-elect Donald J. Trump is something many thought they would never happen, but on Nov. 8 it, rang true. Since Trump was announced as the next

Food service workers protest contracts

Jeniece Roman – General Assignment Reporter The food service workers at Southern are protesting the terms of a new contract with Chartwells. “We hope to get Chartwells back to the negotiating table