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Pokémon Masters mobile game review

Jacob Waring — Online Editor The Pokémon Company has released a new app called “Pokémon Masters,” a mobile game for both iOS and Android phones.  Right off the bat, the game is absolutely nothing like the main games such as “Pokémon Red”, nor is it similar to “Pokémon Go”. Players are not catching these fantastic creatures, but collecting famed trainers, gym leaders and

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Student Artist: ‘You just need to practice all you can to get better’

Dylan Haviland – Arts & Entertainment Editor Megan Miskowicz, a senior graphic design major, faced the impressively sized drawing paper, arriving to class early and adding in small detail to her sketch with shadow and texture. Her near finished product was a warm image of cereal overflowing near a shiny mug of coffee, traced on the milk is the outline of a

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