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New trash cans promote sustainability on campus

Jackson LaMar — News Reporter The Adanti Student Center received five new trash cans designed to help the university better sort out trash from food waste in hopes of then converting it into gas, electricity and mulch. According to Recycling Coordinator of the Office of Sustainability, Heather Stearns, Southern implemented this system two years ago at Connecticut Hall for the

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Reducing food waste on campus

Jeffery Lamson – Special to the Southern News In an effort to reduce food waste on campus, the Office of Sustainability has had a lot of help from student interns as well as volunteers from the Geography Club, and Chartwells employees. According to senior geography major and Office of Sustainability intern Courtney Pesce the Geography Club been a major asset

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Recyclemania competition promotes sustainability

Alex Palmieri – News Writer Heather Stearns said Recyclemania is made for students to understand the significance of recycling and to continue recycling as best as they can. “We’ve been doing this since 2008,” said Stearns, recycling coordinator. “It’s been a great time.” Stearns said the main goal of Recyclemania is waste reduction. This is an eight week friendly competition between

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Office of Sustainability tackles food waste

Adrianna Rochester – General Assignments Reporter     Food waste is when any edible items goes unconsumed or discarded by retailers due to undesirable blemishes or colors and by plate waste being discarded by consumers.     According to The Campus Kitchen Project, about 40 percent of food in the U.S. is wasted each year. The site goes onto state that one in six

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The true impact of climate change

Melissa Nuñez – General Assignment Reporter To understand the cause of climate change James Tait, Ph.D. professor for science education and environmental studies, said rising earth temperatures are the source. “The most important thing to focus on is the average temperature of the earth and then we look at climate changes on the earth as a whole,” said Tait. “What is happening

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