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Residents discuss derogatory language and how to “Think Twice; Speak Once”

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  Names can really harm, even when the word is being used positively. That is the message that Hickerson Hall Resident Advisor Monique Mason was trying to get across during her program, “Think Twice; Speak Once.” The program, which was held on April 15 in Hickerson Hall, was an effort to open a discussion on

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SPOOF: Southern offers new language program in High Valyrian

Jess Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  ‘Skoriot ñuhyz zaldrīzesse ilzi?’ The Southern Connecticut State University will be introducing a pilot program through the university’s World Languages department. Starting next semester, amongst classics like French, Spanish and German, students will be able to major or minor in High Valyrian. The major will consist of nine semesters of language intensive lab work.

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Study Abroad Office offers students new opportunities overseas

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor  Cardboard was scattered around the Office of International Education as employees rushed to build their version of the Great Wall of China in preparation of their Instant Chinese Event that was going on later that day. Instant Chinese is one of the many programs that the Office of International Education is a part of to

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