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Album Review: Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon”

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter After a range of low-level successes in the form of singles and movie soundtrack nods, Lana Del Rey was poised for success. In December of 2014, Lana Del Rey revealed that she was working on a new full-length album in response to her work on “Ultraviolence.” Recently, the fruit of her labor was released in the

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Will gender equality ever exist?

Natalie Barletta – Opinions Editor Feminism is a word that has both positive and negative connotations. Let me ask you a question. What do you think about when you hear the word ‘feminist’? Sometimes you think of the freedom of a woman’s right to make her own choices. Sometimes, when thinking about the word you think of outspoken self-sufficient women who

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SCSU college students listen to classical, Pop, EDM, indie music

Jessica Pellegrino – General Assignment Reporter  It’s impossible to look around campus and not see at least one student hiding under gigantic Beats headphones or blasting music out of their cell phone speakers. Students listen to music to study, to exercise, and to relax, just to name a few. Recently, Spotify released data about who is listening to music. Some

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