Today: May 29, 2024

Higher Education


Standardized testing: the debate continues

Katherine G. Krajcik – Special to the Southern News  Cram, memorize, regurgitate and then forget. This learning method is unfortunately becoming more common as teaching methods dwindle, assessment methods narrow in scope, and

State budget cuts impact university

Alex Palmieri – News Writer Connecticut has proposed a budget cut that will be affecting the state tremendously, said Jonathan Wharton. “This is an issue I’ve been stressing and suggesting that is

Walk and panel shine light on sexual violence

Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor On Thursday, March 31, the Women’s Studies program welcomed all to join an open discussion about topics often swept aside to the peripherals of our attention.    “Our main

When college is no longer college

Gabriel Muniz – Special to the Southern News  In mid-19th century, in a burgeoning America, the beginning stages of public higher education, the famous land-grant college, was birthed.  Seminaries, religious instruction, and
The CCAG held a student summit on higher education this past weekend at CCSU.

Connecticut students come together to demand say on tuition cost

Josh Falcone – General Assignment Reporter Over the weekend a “Student Empowerment Summit on High Education” summit was held on the campus of Central Connecticut State University. The event was open to

CSUS attracts more students from urban communities

MELISSA CHICKER — News Writer Connecticut state universities are seeing unprecedented numbers of students attending from Connecticut’s urban communities. The Connecticut State School System’s analysis of enrollment at the start of 2011-2012