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Senator Murphy visits to discuss the cost of higher education

Josh LaBella – News Writer Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy visited campus last Friday to discuss the cost of higher education. The Sept. 1 meeting took place in the Engleman Hall administration wing and had about two dozen students along with some faculty members and press attend. “I want to hear people’s stories,” said Murphy. “I want to hear people’s stories

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State budget cuts impact university

Alex Palmieri – News Writer Connecticut has proposed a budget cut that will be affecting the state tremendously, said Jonathan Wharton. “This is an issue I’ve been stressing and suggesting that is of major importance,” said Wharton, political science professor at Southern. “It was well known over the past five years, minimum, that our debt was significant here in Connecticut.”

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Walk and panel shine light on sexual violence

Tyler Korponai – Photo Editor On Thursday, March 31, the Women’s Studies program welcomed all to join an open discussion about topics often swept aside to the peripherals of our attention.    “Our main goal is to promote and educate the community, not just Southern, but our youth,” said Christina Fawcett, a graduate student. “And to reduce slut shaming and victim blaming.

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Standardized testing: the debate continues

Katherine G. Krajcik – Special to the Southern News  Cram, memorize, regurgitate and then forget. This learning method is unfortunately becoming more common as teaching methods dwindle, assessment methods narrow in scope, and standardized tests increase. “College means life-long learning, not just memorization and then regurgitating the information back to pass a test,” said Marie DiFrancesco, a professor in the Communication

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