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Reducing Southern’s carbon footprint one solar panel at a time

J’Mari Huges — Copy Editor In Southern’s continuous effort to reduce the university’s carbon footprint, solar panels have been added to the Fitch Street Garage. The Sustainability Coordinator Suzanne Huminski said the panels, which are built over the garages, allow students and faculty to continue to occupy spaces and will produce electricity that does not create any adverse impact on climate. Huminski

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University experts explain recent earthquakes in Connecticut

Photo Credit: Stuart Rankin Amy Kulikowski – Special to the Southern News  The recent earthquakes in the Eastern Connecticut area have spurred interest and worry in locals. However, according to the Weston Observatory at Boston College, the highest magnitude earthquake detected was 3.1 in Danielson, which is considered minor. The Observatory accounted for 11 minor earthquakes between Jan. 8 and Jan.

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Students measure coastline elevation levels in neighboring towns

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  Southern students have been examining the elevation levels along the coastlines of East and West Haven to determine its impact on the amount of damage some property sustains during bigger storms/hurricanes. Dr. James Tait, professor of environmental studies and supervisor of the students’ research, said the collection of data began in these towns because

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