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Esports gaming tournament brings record attendance

Jackson Volenec – Reporter Esports club set a new record in attendance for its video gaming tournament on campus. Students were allowed to play in a campus-wide competition in Engleman Hall on Friday, Feb. 21. “We decided to go full force with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and just really start to grind that out,” said Esports President Miles Bagoly, “This

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Esports club makes their autumn debut

Sydney Peacock — Contributor It all started when Esports president Miles Bagoly and vice president Brian Harner were playing the popular game “Rocket League.” After seeing banners with “esports” advertised, Bagoly and Harner said they realized there were teams of professionals all going head-to-head in an online video game competition. From there, the idea of forming their own esports team

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Sport versus hobby: No place for video games to become an official NCAA sport

Hunter O. Lyle—Sports Editor It is no new revelation that we live in the world of adaptive technology, which has reached out and touched almost every aspect of life, including sports. Between all the behind the-scenes training and rehabilitation that uses new advancements in technology to NBA players and coaches using iPads on the court to watch immediate playback of

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