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ALEKS altered due to last year remarks

Tamonda Griffiths — Editor-in-Chief In response to different “remarks” made last academic year about the ALEKS program, several changes have been made, said the vice president of Student Government Association’s board of academic experience, Sarah Gossman. “The first big change [Math Emporium Coordinator Elizabeth Hart] made – she made workshops a requirement,” said Gossman, “so each student had to attend two workshops.”

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ALEKS returns slightly higher grades

Victoria Bresnahan—News Editor & Tamonda Griffiths—News Writer According to the Interim Associate Dean for the Arts and Sciences Department Craig Hlavac, the DFW rate for Math 100P is “still unacceptable.” However, new data from the School of Arts and Sciences stated the DFW rate–the number of students receiving a D, F, or withdrawing from the course–has decreased by 2 percent

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