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Alcohol, drugs dominate campus Clery Reports

The following analysis reviewing Clery Reports at Connecticut public universities was put together by News Writing students Jeniece Roman, Sandra Gomez-Aceves, Melissa Nunez, Sherly Montes, Ali Sorbara, Alex Palmieri, Lynandro Simmons, Karlie Borges, Megan Grabowski, Britany Howard, Dan Zumpano, Adrianna Rochester, Chris Kuczo, Mihai Tripp, Jared Klim and Abigail O’Keefe. Drug and alcohol use lay among the the largest numbers

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Heroin and drug abuse is on the rise

Aaron Berkowitz – General Assignment Reporter  Drug abuse is an issue that affects millions of people every year. Some people seek treatment, while many do not. Concerns among Southern staff have been raised as of lately, due to recent reports of an increase in prescription drug and heroin abuse taking place on campus. Chief Joseph Dooley said although he isn’t

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