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Students respond to new ads

Tamonda Griffiths – News Writer Ian Bergemann, vice president of the Student Government Association’s Board of Outreach and Communication, said the Southern advertisements he has seen are silly. “A billboard that just kind of says ‘Be Creative’ doesn’t advertise Southern too much,” said Bergemann. He said it would be a much better idea for the university to advertise its low tuition,

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Students featured in new advertisements

Jeniece Roman – News Writer Southern Connecticut State University is in the process of releasing new video advertisements that feature students in order to promote the university and drive students to Southern through video, according to Patrick Dilger, director of Integrated Communications and Marketing. “It’s image and it’s also recruitment driven. We try to make them do both,” said Dilger.

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Sexual objectification in the media needs to stop

Vivian Englund – Copy Editor  Sexual objectification can be defined as looking at people specifically as de-humanized “things” used solely for sexual pleasure. In dehumanization the people viewed as sex objects are seen to lack personality or any intellectual depth whatsoever. The media often portrays sexual objectification in advertisements, music videos, and TV shows, but the list goes on and

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