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Meal plans restricted to where students live on campus

Amanda Cavoto—Arts & Entertainment Editor A public university is what some college students look for affordability, flexibility, and individualized circumstances that would otherwise not be feasible in a private university. So why is this being compromised? Specifically, I am talking about SCSU’s office of Residence Life and Chartwells Higher Ed, who give no alternative to non-kitchen residents and first-year students

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Opinions on the new Instagram update

Clark Herring – Special to the Southern News In a world that is constantly updating faster than we can possibly understand it, there is one new update in the world of social media that many are struggling to understand. The popular photography and video sharing app Instagram, recently has been under fire for their newest software update which defies it’s traditional process.

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Some trends are continuously refusing to die

Carissa Duhamel – Copy Editor Right now it’s difficult to imagine stepping outside without every inch of your epidermis swathed in fabric, but in less time than you might think the frozen tundra that has currently enveloped our outdoor environment will make way for warm rays of sunshine – and consequential subtraction of clothing. If you want to transition with style

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CVS makes transition to stop selling tobacco products

Janine Savoie – Special to the Southern News With over 7,600 stores within the United States, CVS is considered to be one of the largest pharmacy chains. The store sells everything from medicine, make-up, candy, grocery items, and even develops film, but recently, CVS has decided to no longer sell tobacco products. The chain will make the transition from a retail

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DIY: Make your own jewelry box!

Kelsey Mix – Online Editor/Copy Editor Courtesy of abubblylife.com   This DIY ring box is one of those top-notch no-fuss solutions that’s functional and looks downright dazzling at the same time! Materials: 1. A sturdy cardboard or plastic box 2. Glitter foam sheet or tape 3. Washi tape in the pattern of your choice 4. Hair curlers (the foam ones) in

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