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Looking back: Fall of 2001

The Southern community copes with tragedy Members of Southern’s community attempted to deal with the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001. Bulletin boards were constructed in Schwartz Hall and North Campus. A healing and interfaith gathering was held on-campus and a flag was hung from North Campus. “It will be hard to return to being everyday

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Looking back: Fall of 2000

Conn Hall finally passes inspection Health concerns surrounding Connecticut Hall were finally resolved in December, after a student concern was raised at Food Committee meetings. Originally Conn. Hall failed its health inspection scoring a 64, with an 80 being a passing score. Violations included a bottle of Drano left next to a bread rack, the salad bar being temperature not

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Looking back: Fall of 1998

Southern looks for new professors After a new state program, the Early Retirement Incentive Program, was enacted, 42 members of Southern’s faculty took advantage of. State employees had the opportunity to either retire three years before their original retirement date or to retire with greater benefits. According to J. Phillip Smith, Interim vice president of Academic Affairs, over 300 people

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Looking back: Fall of 1997

All eyes on residence hall New surveillance cameras were installed in the North Campus residence hall lobby in hopes to stop vandalism. In one incident furniture was overturned and vending machines were pushed over. In other cases, holes were drilled into the walls, doors were left propped open, and fire alarms were falsely pulled. Nicole Laing, a resident advisor, said,

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