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When college is no longer college

Gabriel Muniz – Special to the Southern News  In mid-19th century, in a burgeoning America, the beginning stages of public higher education, the famous land-grant college, was birthed.  Seminaries, religious instruction, and agricultural-based curriculums, by the next century, however, soon gave way to full-fledged research universities, the classical liberal arts, and tenured professors.  Today, things have changed even further. Needless

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Professor talks about obstacles he faced on his path to higher education

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The office in temporary building six was sparse save for the few personal touches added by professor Quintin Robinson.  Despite the lack of belongings, Robinson said he packed plenty of, “ambition to help future leaders recognize the importance of responding to the needs of diverse students.” Robinson, a professor of educational leadership and policy

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Connecticut students come together to demand say on tuition cost

Josh Falcone – General Assignment Reporter Over the weekend a “Student Empowerment Summit on High Education” summit was held on the campus of Central Connecticut State University. The event was open to all higher education students and faculty from the state’s colleges and universities. R. Sam Chaney field canvass director of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group in Hartford said there

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CSUS attracts more students from urban communities

MELISSA CHICKER — News Writer Connecticut state universities are seeing unprecedented numbers of students attending from Connecticut’s urban communities. The Connecticut State School System’s analysis of enrollment at the start of 2011-2012 showed New Haven broke 1,000 students attending for the first time and retained its position as having the second highest number of students. New Haven was also the

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