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How to get involved at Southern!

Kelsey Mix – Online Editor/Copy Editor        If you’ve ever seen someone on campus wearing Greek letters, RHA shirts, or carrying various boxes of who-knows-what, it’s a safe assumption that they’re somehow involved at Southern. I’ve been known to run across campus carrying a bunch of cardboard boxes glued together for Greek week, so I’m no stranger to this

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Ask Annie: August 26th

Dear Annie, I’m transferring schools to Southern this semester and I’m really nervous about meeting new people and getting involved on campus. The other school that I’m coming from was huge, and it felt almost impossible to find the right group of friends to hang out and go out with. I’ve always heard that college is supposed to be one

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College students face financial transition; primarily freshmen

MACKENZIE HURLBERT — Staff Writer I’ve started to fit the role of a stereotypical college student. Sweatpants taunt me every morning with their comfy, fuzzy, warmth. My sleep pattern has quickly fallen from eight hours to a few measly moments, usually disrupted by the booming bass of a local stereo or sirens flying down Wintergreen Avenue, and supplemented every so

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