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Latino and Native American Film Festival sheds light on stereotypes and culture

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The short film, “Broken Roofs/ Techos Rotos”, directed by Yanillys Perez, opens with a young girl reading a prayer on a cement floor.  Her younger sisters play around her, laughing in delight.  The child reading, Ana, walks around their house which is a broken down living area with pink walls, washed down by to

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Documentary “Kids for Cash” shows how Judge Ciavarella scandal unfolded

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  Charlie Balasavage stared back at the screen, the gentle and kind looking young man told the story of his incarceration. He recalled how his parents had bought him a moped, unfortunately neither of them knew that the vehicle itself was stolen. Two weeks in, someone noticed that the moped was missing property and police

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New Haven Museum hosts “An Artist at War” exhibit

Dylan Haviland – General Assignment Reporter  The exhibit in the rotunda of the New Haven Museum was decorated with images of the past.  In the circular room World War II propaganda and detailed portraits hung alongside each other.  A photograph in particular depicted US soldiers Deane Keller of New Haven standing alongside companion Charlie Bernholz with the statue of David

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