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Panic buying and preparing for a pandemic

Izzy Manzo – Photo Editor As COVID-19 leads to campus closures, capping public gatherings at 250 people, and the very real question as to whether or not the United States could experience a mass lockdown. In response, people across the country have taken to “panic buying” to ensure that they would have enough supplies to last the pandemic. On one hand,

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Members of the administration respond to the university shutdown

Tamonda Griffiths – Editor-in-Chief Jacob Waring – News Editor On Wednesday, March 11 Southern’s campus was void of students on the academic East Campus, save for few art students picking up and cleaning up their work. In a university-wide email Tuesday evening, the community was informed that classes for the remainder of the week would be canceled and following spring

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International students face uncertainty amid university closing

Jacob Waring — News Editor   Abby Epstein — News Writer With less than 24 hours to pack and seemingly nowhere to go, international students were concerned they would not have a place to stay with dorms being evacuated. “It felt surreal,” said athletic training major, Paula Tattari, a junior from Finland. “Just like, this isn’t happening. I felt I couldn’t

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