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Spoof: Study proves social media is linked to causing cancer

Natalie Barletta – Special to the Southern News Before you update your status and check your newsfeed, you might want to read this first. According to brand new  research done straight out of Yale, using social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, has in fact been linked to cancer.     “According to my recent studies in my super fancy

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Spoof: Southern announced tuition is doubling next year for students

Natalie Barletta – Special to the Southern News One of the perks of attending Southern Connecticut State University is it’s inexpensive tuition. Because Southern is so inexpensive, the dream of becoming a college graduate is much more accessible to a bigger variety of people. However, come fall it’s all going to change. It was just announced that SCSU will be doubling

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Spoof: All private Snapchats leaked to public website

Jene Thomas – Special to the Southern News             As of Wednesday, March 26, 2014, any snapchat photo sent to the opposite gender will be automatically sent to all their friends. You may not want to participate in this week’s Thong Thursday, popularly promoted by the Twitter account Collegefession, where college students admit to all sorts of provocative activities at their

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