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Students mental health impacted by pandemic

Sofia Rositani – Arts & Entertainment Editor Since COVID-19 struck last spring semester, students have been slowly adapting to online courses, but according to the Director of Counseling Services Nick Pinkerton, there has been a significant increase in the amount of stress and anxiety this semester. “As things continue to move forward, particularly when things reach some semblance of normal

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COVID-19 cases rising

Donovan Wilson – Reporter COVID-19 cases are beginning to rise in Connecticut, with positivity rates above two percent. Last week, the university reported a .52 percent positivity rate. In recent weeks, Connecticut has seen a rise in COVID-19 cases. This has also been an ongoing phenomenon around the country, with numbers as high as they were in March. This has

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The midway point can be seen as a small victory

Jessica Guerrucci – Editor-in-Chief As students continue to juggle navigating through a pandemic and being in college, it’s certainly a unique time to be earning a degree and we’ve all made it to the midpoint of the semester despite the craziness around us. There was a lot of speculation when students first returned to campus in last August about just

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Trump’s diagnosis raises concern on multiple levels

Sam Tapper – Managing Editor President Donald Trump has consistently downplayed the severity of COVID-19 since it became a daily talking point in early 2020. Now, Trump is one of the 7.64 million Americans who have tested positive and there is a lot to unpack with this situation. First, comes the health of the president and the First Lady. Regardless

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