LET’S GET “civical”

Anthony Martorano – Contributor

Hello Owls! Here’s a weekly roundup of what’s happened in Connecticut last week and what to look forward to on campus in the coming weeks:

Happy holidays girls and boys! Thanksgiving is tomorrow, let this be a civical reminder to social distance and encourage relatives to alter their plans for the greater good. Use it as an opportunity to dialogue with your family about how to stay safe. This has been a difficult column to write during these times as the news is bogged down daily with COVID-19 upticks and warnings.

The thing that is clear is that what we are currently doing is not enough. Keep in mind the changes you are making are only temporary and that if we do this well, we can go back to normal in-person gatherings next year. Temptation to go back to normal will be at its highest during the coming holidays. Remain strong, advocate, and try to have a little fun as well! I’ll be back next week with some hopefully un-COVID-19 related news, until then folks.

That’s all for this week, check back next week for more information on what’s going on in Connecticut.  

This piece was written as part Professor Melanie Savelli’s Capstone Communication course which promotes student civic engagement and social justice initiatives. 

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