Love Your Melon spreads kindness in coins

Jessica GuerrucciReporter

During their first meeting of the semester, the Love Your Melon campus crew got together to show how they can “be kind.”

On Monday, Jan. 28, the Love Your Melon crew, that works to help children with pediatric cancer, held their meeting where they painted kindness coins for Ben’s Bells to fulfill one of their badges.

“Here at Southern, Love Your Melon is club and crew that advocates for the Love Your Melon brand and pediatric cancer,” said club secretary and early childhood education major, Caroline Adams. “We hold events and we collect badges through the events we hold to be able to raise money or do activities with kids with pediatric cancer that are involved in the club.”

While they do not fund-raise or promote the Love Your Melon products, Olivia Zembruski, who oversees public relations for the club and is an elementary education major, said they do events to promote pediatric cancer awareness. Painting the kindness coins for Ben’s Bells was just one of many things that they’ve done.

“We’re doing an event where we’re asking students to swab their mouth to go on the bone marrow donor registration list to see if they could possibly be a match to save a child’s life,” said Zembruski.

As for Ben’s Bells, Caroline Adams’s mother, Jane Adams, who works in the Ben’s Bells studio in Bethel, Connecticut, came in to explain to the group what Ben’s Bells is and how helping paint the kindness coins has an impact on others.

“It’s a non-profit organization that spreads intentional kindness and education for intentional kindness in schools and free education for it,” said Caroline Adams. “Also, just to spread kindness around your community.”

Jane Adams said that she felt blessed to have been hired by Ben’s Bells, and that she’s been there for two and a half years and still loves it.

“It was just amazing that I was hired to do this kind of work. I’ve done non-profit stuff in the past, I always would volunteer, I’ve always done stuff with kids and all different ages, art-wise and education-wise, and it perfectly just fit,” said Jane Adams.

Caroline Adams said the Kindness coins that the group was decorating would later be fired in a kiln and be sold in the studio in Bethel where people could by them and pass them along to spread kindness.

“I feel like even though it’s such a small little thing, just making one charm, it’s part of such a large project, it makes my heart warm,” said Katie Brodeur, an early childhood education major.

With the message of Ben’s Bell’s being “be kind,” Leah Pearson, a special and elementary education major, said that being kind is something the whole group believes in and she likes the meaning behind the message.

“Honestly, I would love finding one of these little things around and it makes a big difference for some people,” said Deanna Dittrich, a nursing major. “I mean, say someone with a child who has cancer found one of these, it’s the little things that matter.”

Photo Credit: William Aliou

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