SCSU Drill Team steps it up with vision boards

J’Mari HughesReporter

Steppin’ Up Drill Team president Trevaun Ricketts said that when it came time to design herself a vision board, she used positive quotes to help her accomplish her goals.

When Southern’s group of steppers isn’t showing off their footwork, team member Khadijah Osmanu said members partake in community service, competitions, and hosting events such as the Vision Board making, which took place Wed, Jan. 23.

From to 9 p.m. room 311 of the Adanti Student Center was taken over by SCSU’s one and only drill team as they invited students to create their own vision boards. Goals, interests, and hobbies were cut from the pages of old magazines, assorted onto colorful construction paper and decorated with glitter glue and colored pencils.

Southern’s Steppin’ Up Drill Team is made up of a wide amount of students whom Osmanu, a freshman, called both a sisterhood and brotherhood.

“We help each other out around campus, we form bonds,” Osmanu said. “We’re like a family.”

Miller said the event began last spring and because of the positivity it spread, the team wanted to keep it going. As a part of Week of Welcome, members said that Student Involvement Center reached out to them in support of their event and provided them with the supplies to get it along.

“I love to eat so that’s why there’s food on mine,” said Ricketts, a senior. She also decorated her board with pictures of clothing and said, “I like to find new styles. I’m a simple person but I don’t always stick to one.”

In addition to food and clothing, Ricketts colored her board with reminders of school in regards to her graduation in May, which she said she is excited for.

Lay’s potato chips and water bottles were available as snacks for those who came. Throughout the room, the stylings of Cardi B, Beyoncé, and Fantasia were heard on a loudspeaker controlled by students who called out what music they wanted to hear.

A common goal many students had for the semester was the lack of procrastination. Freshman Anika Miller said she often waits until the last minute to get her work done which she hopes to put an end to. As well as holding off on schoolwork, Miller also said she was guilty of falling asleep in class and hopes to do away with that and do better in class.

Photo Credit: J’Mari Hughes

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