Snowstorm changes students’ spring break plans

Courtney Luciana – Special to the Southern News

Most students view spring break as an ideal time to go on vacation, particularly somewhere tropical, but this past week’s snowstorm only made break even more relaxing, said Domi Migilarese.

The painting major and psych major spent her final spring break at SCSU applying to grad schools.

“I finally had the time to finish applying to Albertus Magnus,” said Migilarese. “Besides that, I took advantage of the time off to spend quality time with my family. My little brother even let me do his makeup just for fun.”

Krissy Casale, music major, also celebrated her final spring break by taking time out for her mental health.

“It was nice to have ‘me’ time where I caught up on some of my favorite shows including: “The Fosters,” “Bates Motel,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “This is Us,” said Casale. “I also babysat to make some extra cash but the snow ruined my day on Tuesday since I couldn’t drive due to the travel ban.”

Bridget Mott, sociology major, also had plans canceled because of the statewide travel ban declared by Governor Malloy due to the snowstorm.

“I was going to go to Cirque du Soleil with my mom and sister but it got canceled due to the ban,” said Mott. “Still, I still managed to make a trip to New York on a different day where I saw “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway which was phenomenal. Towards the very end of break I made a trip to Canada. Quebec City is great.”

Based on recent National Center for Education Statistics, 20.5 million students will be going to school in the U.S. this year and 55 percent will be going away for spring break.

According to a 2017 LendEDU poll about what students do over spring break, roughly 31 percent of students have admitted to utilizing student loan money to finance their binge drinking trips to either Cancun or Daytona Beach for break.

Based on this data, approximately 2.38 million students are using money that was granted for student loans to pay for spring break vacation.

Additionally, an average of 24 percent of students in the survey admitted to using money collected from student loans to pay for drinking and spending money at various bars.

Almost a third of students admitted to using student loans to pay out for clothes and accessories while on vacation. While another third of students used the allowance to cover restaurant bills and take-out.

Isabel Skarzynski, a graduate student studying media studies and women’s studies, said she is one for traveling all over the world but knows better than to jeopardize her academic finances for a spring break trip.

“I am holding down three jobs currently just to maintain life now,” said Skarzkynski. “I can’t even imagine blowing my student loans on vacation but it also doesn’t surprise me that people do. Everyone needs a getaway. This break I took the initiative to focus on writing my thesis and just worked.”

Photo Credit: Palmer Piana

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