Upcoming performances at SCSU

Philip Zoppi – General Assignment Reporter

The Southern Connecticut State University music department has numerous performances lined up for the Fall semester. Southern students and faculty can attend all of these performances for free.

In 2014, the music department charged five dollars a student or faculty member to be able to attend any music performance. Craig Hlavac, the chairperson of the music department, thought it was a good idea to get rid of the five dollar fee.

“We really want students and faculty to attend all of our performances,” said Hlavac. “Just in case the five dollars was a deterrent, we want everyone to come so we decided to make it free now.”

Hlavac and the entire music department expects this change to call for bigger crowds in 2015. There will be no shortage of performances for students and faculty to attend.

There are currently 12 performances scheduled, dating from Sept. 30 to Dec. 10.

The first performance on Sept. 30 is called “Art of Trio.” This features David Chevan on the bass, Rex Cadwallader on piano and William Cleary on the saxophone.

Chevan, the bass player in this performance and professor at Southern, is excited about the “Art of Trio.” Chevan has been involved with this performance for almost 15 years now.

This one will be different because William Cleary is participating for the first time this year. Chevan is very excited about that.

“This is going to be a special performance,” said Chevan. “It’s going to feature Will Cleary, who’s a local musician that is really making a name for himself. He’s a very gifted player so it’s going to be a fun night.”

It’s not just faculty that will be playing performances, students will also play a big role this year.

The university choir and band will both play in the same week in November. Those can be some of the most attended concerts because students want to see their friends perform.

All other performances are listed in Earl Hall on posters.

All of the performances will occur at 7:30 p.m. in the Garner Recital Hall. If students or faulty simply bring their ID they will be given free admission. General admission is still $5.

Photo Credit: Fiona Shields

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