Pumkin spice lattes and sweets return for fall

Michelle Hesse – Special to the Southern News

When fall approaches and October starts, the main things we all think of are Starbucks, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, and all the flavors of food and drink that come with them. Fall season makes a person desire anything pumpkin, cinnamon,or apple. These chains offer the best and most delicious varieties of autumn-esque treats.

The first day Starbucks releases its pumpkin spice latte for the season, everyone is rushing to the doors. Who can resist the taste of cinnamon, nutmeg,and clove, topped with pumpkin pie spices atop whipped cream? This is their most famous fall drink, and will no doubt get you in the mood for everything fall.

Another fall favorite of theirs is the salted caramel mocha espresso. Anything salted caramel immediately grabs my attention. This drink is made with steamed milk, blended with mocha sauce and toffee nut flavored syrup. Don’t forget the sweetened whipped cream with caramel drizzle.

Their newest one released is called the Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte. Created in particular with Oprah Winfrey and Teavana, it includes cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and is blended with black tea leaves. This is a better option if you are more of a tea than coffee person.

Besides coffee and tea, Panera Bread also offers a variety of fall flavored foods. Their vegetarian autumn squash soup is a blend of butternut squash and pumpkin, with honey, apple juice, and cinnamon. Even better, it’s topped with roasted and salted pumpkin seeds. They definitely did not leave anything out.

They also have a new butternut squash ravioli, made with butternut squash, brown sugar, and amoretti cookies. Moving more towards the end of fall near Thanksgiving, they offer a turkey cranberry flatbread sandwich. Finish with a caramel apple scone for dessert, and you’ll bet set. (And almost as full as on Thanksgiving Day.)

If you’re more of a Dunkin guy or gal than Starbucks, they also offer pumpkin or pumpkin crème Brulee coffee. You can get this served any way you like, hot or cold. They also have a “Spooky Good Treat,” their Halloween Pumpkin donut filled with vanilla flavored buttercream.  Dunkin is a perfect way to feel festive while on the go. While the line at Southern is particularly long, it is most definitely worth the wait.

There are so many fall flavors in a variety of food and drink, but the place that really brings it home is Bath and Body Works. No, they do not hold anything edible. However, when I go in there they come pretty darn close to making me want to eat what is made for smelling.

They perfectly capture the smells of our favorite fall treats, especially in their candles. Their signature scents are Autumn, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun, Apple Cider, and my personal favorite, Leaves. They have an unlimited amount of fall scents that fill your room, making it smell like you’re cooking up something amazing. Since candles are not allowed to be lit in dorm rooms, they also have all the same delicious scents in wallflowers, soaps, hand sanitizers, and room sprays!

A fall favorite of mine would have to be apple cider donuts. Whether as a flavor of coffee, a scent of a candle, or an actual donut, it is a must have. The best ones are from a small place called Beardsley Farms in Shelton, Conn. Not too far from Southern. They have apple picking in the back, fresh apple cider, apple cider donuts, cookies, and pies. They also have decorative trinkets for sale. Going there has been a tradition in my family for a long time after pumpkin picking at Jones Farm.

Whether you are living at home or on campus, all of these places are within reach. Whether you are thirsty, hungry, or just want to get in the fall spirit, any of these options can help you do that! Grab some friends, go pumpkin picking, and pick up some treats!

Photo Credit: honbliss

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